High Waters Flood Businesses, Homes

Areas in Woodford and Scott Counties along Elkhorn Creek were hard hit as well. Businesses and homes were under water and people were scrambling to save what they could before the waters got too high.

At the "Good Ole' Days Mobile Home Park" in the Faywood area of Woodford County, Charlene Ramierez says a neighbor called her around 4 this morning to warn her of the rising waters. She and her family saw the Elkhorn Creek over its banks and packed their bags and left. They spent the day just waiting for the waters to recede.

Lulu's Mexican Restaurant wasn't serving lunch Friday and at the In and Out Grocery Store, the only thing going in or out was water.

Not far away at the Scott County line, the Weisenberger Mill under water.
Ralph Thompson says they were working this morning when they realized water was starting to seep into the building. They started grabbing things and moving them to higher ground but the waters rose pretty quickly so they had to get out.

The bridge across the road that leads to the Zion Hill community was water covered. Revered Earl Raglan lives between the bridges but he is stuck for now. He's not sure if he'll get home soon or wait out here all night.

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