Guilty Pleas In Child Abuse Case

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It's a case that left many people in shock.

A Johnson County baby rushed to the hospital, after someone stuffed baby wipes down his throat.

Investigators say the incident that could have killed the toddler, happened at Shauna Childers' home last year, while she was away.

Police say Childers' boyfriend, Jonathan Crum, shoved baby wipes down 8-month-old Braden Childers' throat last summer.

He plead guilty Friday to charges of second degree assault and criminal abuse.

Shauna Childers also accepted some fault and plead guilty in court Friday.

Kent Varney, Childers' attorney says the only thing she's guilty of is poor judgment.

As part of a plea deal, Childers will not serve any jail time. She will be on probation for five years. Crum could face up to fifteen years in prison. He will be sentenced May 2nd.

Braden Childers fully recovered from the incident.

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