Flooding Forces Evacuations In Frankfort

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A cleanup was underway Saturday in Frankfort after flooding overnight.

The Elkhorn Campground off Route 460 had to be evacuated in the wee hours of the morning. Many campsites were completely underwater.

Matt Marshall, who lives in the neighborhood, told 27 NEWSFIRST, "It was definitely a hectic night. A lot of people were getting their belongings out of the campground on one side of the creek, and everybody on Scruggs Lane was panicking pretty bad about the water rising."

Marshall thinks there is a solution if the funding were available. He says, "The road could be raised a good 16 inches or so just at the very end, and the embankment extending from the end of the road could be added to. It would really help the community out as far as a little more protection at times like this. The water was really close last night and had a whole lot of people frantic."

A trailer park adjacent to the campground has been flooded out before, and the people living there couldn't have slept too well on Friday night while they could see and hear water rushing over the embankment behind their trailers.

One resident, Darlene Sagaser, admits, "Yeah, it was pretty spooky. The police came in the middle of the night and was telling us that the water was about to go over the levee at the end of our street. I decided to wait it out. If it took my trailer, it would take me with it."

Residents in this neighborhood were told after the 1997 flood that there probably wouldn't be another one that bad for a hundred years, but this one was too close for comfort.

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