Corroded Bridge Raises Concerns

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Some people say the Kennedy Bridge along Highway 152 between Garrard and Mercer counties needs to be replaced.

Some say its scary watching trucks pulling boats across the 84-year-old bridge, especially since the state posted signs last year, advising drivers of a change in weight limit.

Mike Lane who lives nearby says repairs made to the bridge so far, have only had temporary effects. "They would fill a hole with asphalt and two days later you would have the hole again," he said.

David Thacker with the Department of Highways says they are now making inspections the structure every three months, instead of every two years. They hope to make more repairs this summer.

Thacker says it would cost the state about twenty to thirty million dollars to replace it. There are no plans to replace it, anytime soon.


LANCASTER, Ky. (AP) - Residents and state transportation officials say the 84-year-old Kennedy Bridge spanning Herrington Lake is corroded from age and needs to be replaced.

The state last year lowered the weight limit of the bridge that connects Garrard and Mercer counties from 10 tons to 3 tons.

But residents like Kathy Williams, who manages an RV park near the lake, are concerned RVs and other heavy vehicles might be unaware of the weight limit despite signs noting such at the bridge.

A Department of Highways spokesman David Thacker says the state installed steel decking and repaved the bridge in 2003, but that entire structure needs to be replaced.

He says it would cost over $20 million to do so and isn't in the state's current six-year road plan.

In February, inspectors found a gusset plate on one pier has deteriorated and needs to be replaced, Thacker said.

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