Woman Held Captive In Her Own Home

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She spent more than a day fearing for her life. A Central Kentucky woman is recovering after she says she was held captive by her own boyfriend.

"She's dealing with a lot of trauma right now, both physical as well as emotionally," said Mercer County Sheriff Chris Kehrt.

Kehrt is referring to Abby Banks, who declined a request for an on-camera interview, but tells 27 NEWSFIRST off camera, she was held captive in her own home by her boyfriend 45-year-old Michael Foley.

"She was there for at least 24-hours if not longer," Kehrt said.

Banks tells us in that period of time, she thought Foley might kill her. She also says during that time Foley physically beat her and punched her numerous times and repeatedly threatened her life if she attempted to escape.

Police used words like, appalling and disturbing, to describe one threat in particular Banks said Foley made to her.

"She said he told her he was going to carve her up, cut her so badly not even a plastic surgeon would be able to help her fix it," said Sheriff Kehrt.

Banks managed to escape and call police. Foley was captured in Boyle County after it's reported he was attempting to flee the state.

Danville Police working on tips spotted Foley at the McDonald's and took him into custody.

"It was just a really scary and spooky situation not just for the victim but for those living in this neighborhood who had no idea what was going on behind those walls," said Sheriff Kehrt.

Foley is being held without bond at the Boyle County Detention Center.
He's charged with unlawful imprisonment, domestic violence, assault and terroristic threatening.

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