Sewer Problems

A stinky situation in one Lexington neighborhood has some residents up in arms.
It's a sewage problem causing major problems for the families living in the Pinnacle area.

The homes running along West Hickman Creek are faced with sewage overflow in their backyard.
For residents like Wendy Payne, she says they built their home along the creek to enjoy the greenspace - but when the greenspace is covered with sewage spewing out from the manholes, she says she can't even let her kids play in the backyard.
Payne is one of many neighbors who voiced their concerns today to Charlie Martin. He is the director for the Division of water and air quality in Lexington.
Martin met us in the neighborhood at our request but the neighbors say they had requested help long ago!
None of their calls or emails were answered until today.
Martin says unfortunately there is no short term solution other than he will send workers to clean up and sanitize the area.
Within minutes of our interview, city truck pulled up.

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