Lexington Restaurant For Sale On eBay

If you ever wanted you own neighborhood restaurant, you can buy one now for $65,000 on eBay. And just what does that price get you?

Patrick Kelly, the owner of Portabella's on North Locust Hill Drive, says, "The asking price includes everything in the place: tables, chairs and all the kitchen equipment, absolutely everything."

Since any buyer would likely be local, why not just take out an ad in the newspaper.

Kelly says, "I thought a thousand dollars for a classified ad was a bit much so I decided to go the eBay route. I can get it in front of a whole lot more people. I'm an eBay user and have seen a lot of similar things on there."

Mr. Kelly bought the business in April of 2003 but has never been able to turn a profit. He says, "The right person probably could. A change in concept may be the way to go. We were optimistic going in. We wouldn't have done it if we thought otherwise."

According to Kelly, the slow economy and the close proximity to Hamburg has made it tough to survive. Add in the fact that shortly after Kelly took over Portabella's, the Richmond Road construction project began and it was no longer easy for people to get there.

Patrick Kelly recalls, "There were several nights when we just sat here and watched TV because Locust Hill Drive was actually closed off at Richmond Road.

The eBay listing has generated lots of interest but no firm offers as yet.
Kelly says one key to success for a buyer will be negotiating a better lease than the one he had.

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