Neighbors Concerned About Rising Gang Violence

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A number of recent shootings in the Cardinal Valley neighborhood have people living on edge after police look into gang activity.

While Lexington Police are looking for the suspects in a drive by shooting and the people responsible for shooting an 18 year old at Valley park, neighbors are concerned things are getting worse.

The drive by happened Tuesday night at a home on Devonport Drive. Witnesses saw two men fire guns out of a black Pontiac Grand Am at around 6:30. No one was hit but it raises concerns among some neighbors who say this isn't the first time this house has been a target.

During the most recent snow storm, neighbors say the home's door was riddled with bullets.

The Cardinal Valley neighborhood has been making headlines for being the site of the first murder of 2008. On January 2nd of this year Alberto Calderon was shot and killed on Cambridge Drive.

Members of the Community Action Council say while they are part of a gang coalition, they don't feel there is a gang problem in Lexington.

Catrena Lewis says, "'s just an emmergence of small groups that sort of identify themselves as gangs."

Lewis encourages anyone with concerns to attend the next Neighborhood Association Meeting on April 28th at 7:00pm at the Calvary Church.

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