Charges Filed Against Owner of 31 Dead Horses

Wednesday was a busy day at the Rowan County farm where the bodies of 31 dead horses were discovered earlier. Department of Agriculture personnel arrived to take over the investigation and continue interviewing farm owner Don MIller who has been in failing health since undergoing open heart surgery.

Just before noon, a bulldozer was brought in to move earth over the the dead horses in a mass grave estimated to be some 16 feet deep.

Eugene Kinney from the Lewis County SPCA, the organization caring for the remaining horses on the farm, says, "It was a big grave. This is all what the Department of Agriculture requires, and they will be back to look at it."

The ten live horses found on the farm in what was first described as "very bad shape" are now all expected to survive. Kinney tells
27NEWSFIRST, "I've seen a lot worse."

The vet says they will get back on their feet, and I'd say in a week and a half or two weeks, they're going to be better."

Charges now have been filed against Mr. Miller for violation of state law regarding the disposition of carcasses. That's a misdemeanor, but additional charges could still be filed.

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