Tibetan Monks Make A Difference In KY

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They fled their homeland a half a century ago after the Chinese army invaded Tibet and destroyed more than six thousand monasteries. So now, Buddhist Tibetan monks practice their way of life in India.
But this week, the monks aren't there, they're at Berea College for the "Mystical Arts of Tibet" tour. Hundreds are getting a glimpse in to the monks culture. They're teaching, lecturing, and demonstrating how they sing, dance, pray, and create spiritual art.
It's that spiritual art that getting lots of attention, with the creation of a sand sculpture or mandala. The mandala is a religious symbol, believed to be very powerful. The monks say its creation in Berea will bring healing and prosperity to the community. The picture is made of millions of grains of sand, and takes days to finish; but when it's done, it will be destroyed.
The monks say doing that is symbolic of how nothing in life is permanent. People attending the exhibit really seem to be touched by that message.

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