Controversy Over Proposed Trail In Lexington Neighborhood

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Plans have been in the works for years, to create a series of walking and biking trails that would connect the county from the Kentucky Horse Park all the way to Jessamine County.

But one neighborhood is against a portion of the project called the West Hickman Trail because it would go through their back yards.
We took the concerns of people in The Pinacle Neighborhood to the city to get some answers.

Neighbors: Who will maintain the trail?

City: The government will. Just as with any other city project there is money allocated in the budget for upkeep.

Neighbors: Will police patrol the trail to make sure it's secure?

City: There is a new effort to have police patrol our trails.

Neighbors: How will this affect the wildlife and waterfowl we have in our neighborhood?

City: By adding vegetation it will not only help protect the creek and improve the flood plane which will in turn increase and improve the habitat.

Neighbors: There are two planned access points that go right in between houses. That means people will be walking in between peoples houses. It creates a lack of privacy and intrudes on their land.

City: The swaths of land were set aside long before the neighborhood was built.

Neighbors: This area is prone to flooding and with recent rains there was a serious sewer back up.

City: It was planned to be built in the flood plain, so we expect flooding.

Neighbors: There is no lighting.

City: It's up to the neighborhood if they want lighting.

Neighbors: Will people be walking up and down the trail day and night?

City: The plan is it open at dawn and close at dusk.

The West Hickman Trail is projected to be one and a half miles long, it will connect the neighborhood to a park and a school. The price tag for it is one and a half million dollars. There will be two bridges constructed and the trail will go under the existing clear water road bridge.
The city is waiting to gain right of way through a portion of the land owned by the neighborhood association.
When they get that access it may only be a few months before construction begins.

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