Teacher Charged With Misconduct

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Lincoln Shane Bentley was arrested yesterday, after Kentucky State Police opened an investigation stemming from a disturbing accusation made by one of his students.

A student claims Bentley told her that he would give her a higher grade if she showed him her breasts.

The student told police it happened last month at East Ridge High School, in Pike County.

Superintendent Roger Wagner said Bentley was suspended with pay until the case is settled.

Bentley's attorney, Robert Wright, asked the public to hold off on passing judgment because his client was innocent until proven guilty.

Bentley pled not guilty to two counts of official misconduct. He has been ordered not to be on East Ridge school grounds or have contact with any students.

If convicted, Bentley could receive up to a year in jail and a $500 fine.

Bentley is an English teacher and an assistant football coach at the school.

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