Homes Damaged By Possible Tornado In Southern Kentucky

The damage is extensive in the southern part of the state, after strong storms moved through.

There are reports of roofs blown off homes, overturned mobile homes, and flattened barns in Clinton, Pulaski, and Wayne counties.

Some of the most severe damage reports are coming from Wayne County in the Hall Valley Area. That's right outside Monticello.
Meteorologist say it is possible the damage there was caused by a tornado.

Kentucky State Police say at least two people were injured in Clinton County when the storms rolled through. Phone service was also knocked out in that area.

Windstream says the biggest phone outage they have is in Albany and Monticello area. A long distance connection between Somerset and Albany is out, so residents can make local calls there, but no long distance in or out.

In Somerset, there was not an outage, but the emergency phone system became clogged when the E-911 notification system made thousands of calls informing residents of storm warnings.

Windstream says repair crews are on the scene, but they have to wait until electric crews are done restoring power before they can get to work.

Three people were injured earlier this morning when severe weather moved through the Bowling Green area. Strong winds blew over a trailer with a mother, and her two children, inside. They were taken to a hospital for treatment.

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