Some Educators Say State Budget Is The Worst They've Ever Seen

Teacher layoffs, cuts to tutoring and safe school programs, and less money from the state to pay teacher raises.

These are just a few of the reasons some educators say it's the worst state budget they've ever seen.

Cuts to fund education programs throughout Kentucky schools are startling to 18-year language arts teacher Juanita Spangler.

For Letcher County Schools, officials say teacher layoffs are imminent.

Even if her job is safe at Whitesburg Middle School, Spangler faces the challenge of giving the same level of individual attention to a larger class of sixth graders.

“My average class size right now is twenty nine. I'm packed. I can't imagine having to stuff more children into that room and try to get them to learn,” Juanita Spangler said.

Without the same teacher training programs, new teachers and veterans like Spangler say it's tougher to help kids reach higher proficiency goals.

“Everything is new, everything's coming out. Those of us that have been out of college for a while, we need to know those things too and the only way to get it to us is professional development,” Spangler said.

“We cannot continue with less money and expecting more, and 2014 proficiency is getting very close,” Superintendent Anna Craft said.

Superintendent Anna Craft says schools in Eastern Kentucky have the biggest struggle.

“We are harder hit than your cities because we have less tax base, and we rely more heavily on the money from the legislative budget,” Superintendent Craft said.

While district officials wrestle with how many teachers they'll have to let go, they're still hoping for a miracle.

Superintendent Anna Craft says she's not sure yet how many jobs will have to be cut.

She says the district must also cut out many field trips because of diesel prices.

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