Lexington Store Robbed Twice Just Weeks Apart

Two robberies, just a few weeks apart, have employees at a Lexington convenience store on edge.

The Mini Mart on Lansdowne Drive was robbed late last month, and again Sunday night.

While police try to figure out if both are connected, they've released surveillance video, hoping someone will recognize the suspects.

Sunday night's robbery took place around 11 p.m., two hours before the store closed for the night.

Only one employee was working at the time, and no one else was in the store.

Police say two men walked in, went directly behind the counter, pulled out a gun, and demanded money from the clerk.

The clerk gave the men some money, before they took off.

The store's owner thinks the same two men robbed the store in late March.

During that robbery, two men walked into the store and forced the clerk to open the cash register.

Police have not yet made any arrests.

While the owner says she's convinced the suspects are the same in both robberies, police are not willing to say for sure if the two robberies are related.

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