Investigators Looking Into Cause Of Deadly House Fire

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The flames from a Morgan County house fire lit up the darkness early Tuesday morning. Firefighters couldn't get there in time to save the house or the people inside.

It happened along Highway 191 in Cannel City around 3:30. Police say the bodies were so badly burned that they can not confirm their identities, but neighbors and family members say two of their loved ones died in the fire this morning.

Neighbor Christie Robinson says it's a shock to know this happened. She just saw them the other day and says it's hard to grasp, that you just never know when tragedy will happen.

James Elam says it was his sister-in-law, Bernice Elam, and her adult son, Mickey, who died in the fire. He remembered Bernice as a good wife and hard working woman.

Bernice was 82 and Mickey was in his 50's. He was both physically and mentally disabled. Neighbors say Bernice did her best to take care of him. He was in a home in Lexington until recently when Bernice won her battle to bring him back home with her. Robinson says Mickey was a joy to be around. She says he made everyone smile.

Investigators spent most of the day sifting through the debris. They aren't sure how the fire started but say it may have started in the kitchen due to some sort of electrical problem.

The woman was found in the kitchen and the man in a back bedroom. Police say the do not suspect foul play.

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