Last Day For Kentucky General Assembly

Time is running out for lawmakers in Frankfort. It's day 60 of 60 for this Kentucky General Assembly. Tuesday is the last day to pass through potential new laws.

There's some concern today among some lawmakers about Governor Beshear's plan to veto 10 items from the proposed state budget.

House Speaker Jody Richards says he and Senate leadership do not know whether they will be able to come up with enough votes to overrides the vetoes.

Hundreds of other bills are still up for consideration. So far, the Governor has signed just over a hundred.

This has not been a productive General Assembly for the Governor.

He's had several main priorities of casino gambling, ethics and pension reform and, most recently, a cigarette tax hike.
None of those have passed, with gambling and the tax hike already dead.

Romeo's law, providing a felony offense for dog and cat torture, is still waiting for a House vote. Richards says he supports the issue, but other house leaders do not.

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