Madison County School Fight Posted On You Tube

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A fight breaks out at school, grabbing the attention of everyone around. That's a typical scenario that you'd find in pretty much any school in America.

When the fight is over, everyone goes their separate ways with a story to tell.

But what if the victim and all his classmates, in fact anyone with interest, could relive that experience over and over at just the click of a button.

That's exactly what's happening at Madison Central High School, in Richmond.

Earlier this month at the cafeteria, someone recorded a fight between two students, then put the video on You Tube, adding derogatory comments. It's led some to wonder how this may affect the victim.

This isn't a new phenomenon. With a simple search on the popular video search engine, hundreds of fights can be viewed just like the incident at Madison Central.

It's even prompted some legislation here in Kentucky. A bill passed both the House and Senate that would force schools to have a policy in place to deal with cyber-bullying.

As for the fight itself, the Madison County superintendent says disciplinary action has been taken. But because of student confidentiality, won't specify what exactly was done.

The video was posted on You Tube four days ago. It's since been removed.

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