Residents Upset Over Proposed Junkyard

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Residents in the Townly Park Subdivision in Lexington are afraid people will soon see their neighborhood and think it's junk.

That's because The Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts Store is trying to lease 20 acres from the city, along Old Frankfort Pike and New Circle Road. That land is right behind Townly Park and residents are afraid it will ruin their neighborhood.

Homeowner Joe Albaugh says the business would lease city property and while it would generate revenue for Lexington, he doesn't think this is a good fit.

"You and I own that property and for my little part of it I'm not in favor of that," Albaugh said.

Homeowners Association President Michael Prather has environmental concerns.

"There is run off to Town Branch Creek," Prather said.

He's afraid of battery acid, fluids and oils seeping into the creek.

Pull-A-Part prides itself on being environmentally friendly but Albaugh feels it's impossible to not have some run off. He says if there's even just an ounce of something left in the vehicle, with 1500 vehicles that adds up.

"I can't believe they can recover every bit of fluid in a vehicle," he said.

Prather says this land it right in line with the flight pattern for the airport and it'll be an eye sore to visitors.

"I have flown in 100 times it's so pretty and now you'll see 3000 junk cars," he said.

And perhaps the biggest gripes for these folks is that this area is just starting to prosper and they're afraid this will devalue their property.

Prather says, "In one breath, they're encouraging us to better use the land and they turn around and the city will be the landlord for a potentially hazardous product."

Albaugh argues, "The city encourages us to invest and infill then they go an put this on the infill? They can find a better way to use it than a junkyard."

A city spokesperson says the land in question is the former city dump, which is now a brown field site and this business fits perfectly into the guidelines of what can and can't go there.

There will be a fence around the business and noise ordinances will restrict activity to certain parts of the day.

The issue goes before the board of adjustments on April 25th.

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