John McCain Making First Ky. Visit As Likely Nominee

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Sen. John McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee, will visit Inez in the heart of Appalachia next Wednesday to discuss issues at a town hall meeting.

The Arizona senator's planned appearance in a small town well off the usual presidential campaign trail reflects his status as a "different kind of candidate," state GOP Chairman Steve Robertson said Wednesday.

"He's not just going to blow in there and do a campaign
rally," Robertson said in a phone interview. "He wants to get in there and speak with the people of this community."

The stop shows McCain's willingness to venture into places that rarely if ever see a would-be president, Robertson said.

"He wants to reach out to constituencies in this country that typically haven't been reached out to in the past," he said.

He said details on the time and location for McCain's visit were still being worked out. The eastern Kentucky community is the hometown of Republican National Committee Chairman R. Mike Duncan.

It will be McCain's first visit to Kentucky as the presumptive Republican nominee.

Kentucky voters go to the polls May 20 for the state's primary election.

Robertson predicted that McCain's style will resonate with Kentucky voters in November, and that the Arizona senator will give fellow Republicans a boost.

"I think Sen. McCain is going to be a real strength to the Kentucky ballot for the Republican Party," he said. "He calls it like he sees it. He doesn't just go out on the stump and tell people what they want to hear."

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