Cat Suffocated In Can; Woman Charged With Cruelty

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A 72-year-old Nicholas County woman faces animal cruelty charges. She's accused of suffocating a cat by locking it in a tin can.

Carlisle Police Officer Brad Weaver says Nancy E. Hatfield admitted to killing the animal after neighbors found the remains in a nearby dumpster.

"She told me she was extremely sorry for what she did and she didn't have any idea why she did it," Weaver said.

Hatfield's neighbor, Amber Hogg says she knew Hatfield was capable of the alleged crime because she had threatened to kill another stray cat last year.

Hogg says she became suspicious when she saw Hatfield lure the cat into her apartment, then carry a trash bag out into the dumpster a few hours later.

"I seen her take the bag out and we went through it. We opened it up, found a tin can. It took a little bit of time getting the tape off it. She had stuffed the cat inside of it," Hogg claims.

It's a crime neighbors say deserves punishment.

"I think she needs to be punished for what she's done. If she can do it to an animal, what is to say she can't do it to a child?" Hogg asked.

The cat had just given birth to six kittens four days ago. They have since then been adopted

Hatfield has been charged with animal cruelty. She is expected in court April 30th.

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