Daycare Shut Down For Good

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A Paris Daycare's doors have been closed indefinitely.

The state says it's for the good of the children. The Meteer School Daycare was shut down after state inspectors got a tip that employees had walked out--leaving the children unsupervised. When inspectors arrived they found the school understaffed and other dangerous conditions like:chemicals and sharp objects live knives. All of the dangerous things were reportedly within arms reach of the children.

The inspection came after the director and several other employees left the daycare.

"No one was fired, I didn't fire anyone." Said Jeane O'neil who was brought in last week in an attempt to save the school.

But O'neil says the former director, Liz Boughman, who claims she was fired without cause last week, walked out on her own, when the school requested she step down from her position.

"She wasn't doing what she was suppose to be, she wasn't staying on top of things, that's why the school was in such poor conditions." Said O'Neil.

In regards to understaffed, O'Neil says it was only like that for one day when Boughman and several other employees left. But at no time she says were any of the children in danger.

"No not at all, We were understaffed, but, we still had control of the situation and attempted to seek help immediately." O'Neil said.

She also says, Boughman didn't keep accurate and current records of the children nor her staff. Inspectors concluded the hiring practices of the daycare did not include proper background checks.

"It's just a shame, this was the only school of its kind in our area and only affordable school for these families to send their kids." Said O'Neil.

The school will not re-open as Meteer, however we are told it could re-open with a new name and new ownership.

Paris Police say they are aware of the situation and an investigation could begin soon into allegations of theft and abuse.

A similar incident took place at the school a couple of years ago, the Director then was charged with Miss-using school funds and sentenced to several years in prison.

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