Moon Pies & RC Colas Headed To East KY Military

WEST LIBERTY, KY -- Anyone who grew up in Appalachia knows the down-home delight of chomping down on a "Moon Pie" and swigging down some cold "RC Cola," especially during the halcyon days of a youthful, sweltering summer.

Add to that how important "things from home" are to troops stationed in a war zone, and you got a lot of country-folk troops in for a not-so-haute cruisine, homey treat, compliments of the West Liberty Kiwanis Club.

The West Liberty Kiwanis will be donating the Moon Pies and RC Colas to the Mid-East Ky. American Red Cross for troops from Eastern Kentucky serving in "harm's way."

The club plans to present the Moon Pies and RC Colas to the Red Cross Chapter at its regular meeting Monday, April 28 at noon at Pattie's Place restautant on Prestonsburg Street in West Liberty.

Donations from the Chattanooga, TN bakery that makes Moon Pies and RC distributors from Whitesburg and Paintsville are making the donations possible. No word on how much the donations cost, but for the troops intended it will be a feast.

For the uninitiated, a "Moon Pie" is a large chocolate covered cookie-shaped pastry with a graham cracker and marshmellow center. An RC Cola is (or was) a hyper-carbonated regional competitor with Coca Cola and Pepsi, especially appreciated in Appalachian rural America.

Both often inspired callow youthful, chomp-down, swig and belch contests in days long gone by.

For additional information, contact: Langley Franklin - West Liberty Kiwanis Club, 606-743-4415.

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