State Budget Cuts Force Franklin County Schools' Cuts

FRANKFORT, KY -- Layoffs are on the way for Franklin County Public Schools' and Frankfort Independent Schools' employees whose positions are funded by grants, reports the Frankfort State Journal in its Sunday edition.

Superintendents from both districts say the state budget, approved by the General Assembly last week, is forcing cuts to supplementary programs such as the Safe Schools Initiative and Extended School Services.

"We have people whose positions are funded by grants (for ESS and Safe Schools) and unfortunately a majority of those folks are going to receive non-renewal notices, pink slips, in the next few weeks," said FCPS Superintendent Harrie Lynne Buecker, reports the State Journal.

"I hate to even put that out there but it probably needs to be known."

ESS programs assist students having academic difficulties. The programs are usually held before or after school in small group sessions. Safe Schools provides funding for schools to combat alcohol and drug abuse among students, as well as prevent violence in schools, the State Journal reports.

FIS Superintendent Dianne Cobb said the district's Safe Schools program will lose some positions and the ESS program will face significant cuts.

"The funding will definitely cut our programs. Right now we're able to offer a lot of assistance after school and I know that's going to be cut down quite a bit," Cobb said.

Kentucky Education Commissioner Jon Draud said in his budget analysis that more than $30 million was spent on ESS throughout the Commonwealth during the 2007-08 school year. Only $13 million has been appropriated for the program next year, the newspaper reports.

Similarly, more than $10 million was used for Safe Schools programs last year; that money will be cut in half for the 2008-09 school year, reports the Frankfort State Journal.

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