KY Woman Travels To Washington, D.C. To Hear Pope Speak

Pope Benedict XVI has wrapped up his whirlwind, 6 day visit to the U.S.

The Pope boarded a plane at New York's Kennedy Airport on Sunday night, thousands of followers were there to see him off.

Earlier in the day, the pontiff celebrated mass with 57,000 people in Yankee Stadium. He urged all the Catholic faithful to renew their day-to-day commitment to faith and the church.

One Kentucky woman got the once in the lifetime opportunity to see the Pope during his visit to Washington, D.C.

Deanna Herrmann made the trip from her home in Whitley County to the capitol. After a security check and hours of waiting, Herrmann remembers the moment he greeted the audience. It's a moment she says she'll never forget.

"Oh, it just sent chills down you. The crowd immediately started singing happy birthday to him, as Wednesday was his 81st birthday," she said

Hermann says she would make the trip again in a heartbeat.

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