Church Member Speaks Out About Letter

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"Our church records indicate you have only tithed once or twice last year. Unfortunately, if you do not pay your tithes within the next thirty days, your membership will be in jeaopardy" she read aloud.

Mary L. Stone says the letter made her so sick she went to the hospital. She also says it helped her realize she was being taken advantage of and now she wants the public to be aware of what Pastor Tim Van Cleve of the Victory Time Full Gospel Church, is all about.

"I hope they don't go there and get mixed up with that church like I did. It's a sad story to go there and all they do is ask for money" she said.

Church member and friend Gladys Sparks agreed. "He always asks for tithes and if he doesn't get them, you're out" she said.

Both ladies say they are in their seventies and had never heard of such a thing. They say they don't mind tithing but can' always do so because they are on fixed incomes. They are now members of another church.

We tried reaching Van Cleve at home and by phone. He has not responded.

Stone and Sparks say together they gave Van Cleve over $500.00 in the past five months.

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