Lengthy Report Released On Defunct Daycare

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New information is out in the case of Meteer School in Paris, which was shutdown last week because of what the state called dangerous conditions inside.

The report, released by the Office of the Inspector General, highlights the problems that some have said existed behind the Meteer School walls for a long time.

State inspectors raided the school last Thursday and found over 30 violations. The state issued an immediate closure of the school.

In the nearly 150 page document, state inspectors claim they found one problem after another. Inspectors say some staff members were unqualified to work at the school, and were hired without background checks.

The report also says the former director Liz Boughman wasn't fired, but that she walked out of Meteer School Wednesday and took several of her employees with her. The report says that left the building understaffed and created a chaotic environment.

One staff member was observed walking around with her hands in her hair stating in an upset tone, "They have me doing everything around here."

In another room in the building, inspectors say they found sharp knives sitting on the counter and cleaning supplies within reach of the children.

In the infant room, inspectors say they found several cases of one-year-olds crying and unsupervised.

When asked where the childrens' files were, it was discovered the documents were either non-existent or not current.

The report also claims the children did not have any food. A staff member says she went to Sonic and spent over $100 of her own money so the children had something to eat.

At this time, no criminal charges have been filed, but that could change. The state has denied requests to re-open the school.

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