KY Students Held Against Their Will In New York

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They only wanted to shop, but they say they ended up being held against their will.

About 60 students from Fleming County High School are spending the week in New York City for their senior trip. When they went inside one store Monday afternoon, they claim the owners wouldn't let them leave.

A student tells 27 NEWSFIRST they were trying to find some designer handbags at low prices.

She says a woman ushered them through a back alley and into a warehouse full of the bags, then closed the door. They were told "to shop", but 45 minutes later they were still not let out.

That's when one student text messaged another outside, who alerted a school official, who contacted police.

Soon, they say officers kicked the door in, let the students out and arrested those operating the illegal business.

None of the students were hurt.