17-year-old charged in murder

What started as a fight between two women in his driveway Tuesday night..ended with Walter Cleveland seeing one of the women shot dead.

“They were throwing punches at each other and this boy, he jumped out of the passenger side of the truck, came around the front of the truck with a gun, raised it up, and shot the lady,” said Cleveland of the horrifying sight he witnessed first hand Tuesday night outside his Old Eli Rd. home in rural Russell County.

That victim was 29-year-old Felicia Eads. Police have charged the woman that was fighting with her, Pamela Bennett, with attempted murder. And her 17 year old son, who allegedly shot Eads, is charged with Eads’ murder.

“(She was) a good mother. She always took care of my kids good,” said an emotional Richie Eads Wednesday, Felicia Eads husband.

Eads also says before his wife was killed, several other shots were fired into her car. And he says she was threatened Monday night.

“The night before, my wife got a text message, that they were going ‘to take care of my wife,’ once and for all,” said Eads.

Police aren’t saying much about the case since a juvenile is involved. But Eads says bad blood between the two women apparently came to a head, although it was Bennett’s son who allegedly fired the fatal shot.

Pam Bennett is in the Casey County Jail. Her son is in the Adair County Youth Development Center.

Pamela Bennett

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