Man Accused Of Drowning Dog During Domestic Dispute

Police say Johnny Brown's estranged wife called them, saying Brown had called her at work, threatened her and said he was going to do something to the dog. When deputies arrived to serve an EPO...they say he had made good on the drowning the the home's bathtub.

“Our deputies looked in the room, water coming over the top (of the tub), and on top of the water was the animal,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Police say Brown's wife loved the dog, and they suspect he wanted to get back at her.

“The dog was about a 40 to 50 pound animal, as you can imagine, quite a struggle as the animal fought for his life,” said Wood.

Johnny Brown apparently wanted to say something about his charges, because he agreed to an interview from the Pulaski County jail, but when our 27 NEWSFIRST crew arrived, he backed out because he said his attorney told him not to talk.

Brown faces a charge of second degree animal cruelty. Romeo's law...named after another Pulaski County case..would have carried a tougher penalty..but it won't take effect until July.

“He would be facing a Class D felony, which is 1 to 5 years in prison, if convicted, instead of a class a misdemeanor,” said Sheriff Wood.

Ironically, Romeos' Law is named after another dog abuse in Pulaski County. Romeo survived his attacker.

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