Gas Jumps To New Record High

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Drivers in and around Lexington experienced some big sticker shock Tuesday as the price at the pump climbs to nearly $3.60.

It's just the latest in a series of increases that continue to frustrate drivers.

Many Lexington stations rose prices by about a quarter. The high price, which breaks the old record, is now $3.59.

Drivers lined up at stations to get "cheap" gas while the price was still near $3.30. At the stations that had already switched, the pumps sat mostly empty on Tuesday afternoon.

Gas station workers say this is a tough time for them too. They say as prices on the outside rise, sales on the inside go down.

National gas prices also hit a record high on Tuesday. The average is $3.51 a gallon.

The experts say there's no sign of any relief in the future, as crude oil prices came within striking distance of 120 dollars a barrel on Tuesday.

Even if you try to avoid high prices at the pump chances are you will be paying more for food and other items in grocery stores. They say the reason is the rising prices of shipping products by trucks.

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