Marina Moved Due To Low Water Levels

A leak at one of the biggest dams in Kentucky created quite a challenge last summer after a great deal of water was taken out of Lake Cumberland.

The lower lake level created a lot of stress for marina owners who saw their business dry up.
Lake marinas are like miniature cities. They have stores, restaurants and of course, homes. You can only imagine then what it would be like to move one.

The Alligator One Marina was nearly on dry ground after water was taken out of Lake Cumberland because of a leak at Wolf Creek dam. Boats couldn't be launched. Customers stayed away and owner Ed Slusser found himself quite literally up a creek.

"Losing 60 to 70 percent of our revenue for the whole season," he said.

He found a new spot up the lake at Cave Springs.

After the marina was moved, he said, "down here we have 80 to 90 feet of water. Up there, we had 3 to zero."

Some say it's been a labor of love to move the marina 6 miles down the lake. It took 7 and a half hours, and much of the work has been done by volunteers.

One of those volunteers was retired electrician John Francis, who's not charging a dime to hook up new outlets for his neighbors.

"It's really brought out a lot of people to come forward and help out. It's been great," he said.

You might call it historical irony. Alligator One was one of the first marinas on Lake Cumberland and now it's one of the first to relocate itself.

Much of the marina will be operational by Memorial Day weekend, but its owner says there will still be a lot of work to do over the summer.

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