Dozens Of Animals Put Down After Being Rescued

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Nearly one hundred animals were rescued from unlivable conditions Wednesday in Nelson County.

Police and Animal Control officers raided the home of Rosella Miller. Once inside they found, more than 70 dogs, dozens of cats, rabbits and a bird. They also found unclean conditions. Everything from the floors, wall, and even stairwells were covered with feces and thousands of maggots. "I know it looks bad", said homeowner Rosella Miller, but she says the animals were taken care of.

That's not what authorities say. Almost all of the animals had to be euthanized because they were so sick with diseases like mange."That's kill them just because they mange. Only five or six of them had it, and they were almost well", claimed Miller weeping. She also claims she's not responsible for the condition of the house. She says her neighbors set her up, made her house filthy, and then tipped off the authorities.

Police didn't buy it, she and the other person living in the Nelson County home are being charged with animal cruelty.

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