Fire May Have Been Set To Cover Break-In

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A Lincoln County man says he worked for years to build his dream home. But, the home went up in flames earlier this week and investigators say someone may have intentionally set the fire to cover up another crime.

Arson investigators with state police are still looking into the fire at the home on South Fork Lake Road near the Kings Mountain Community in Lincoln County.

The homeowner, Randall Payton, says he owns 15 different guns, but only found a few of them were found in the home after the fire. Police say they are looking into the possibility that someone broke into the home, stole several of his guns, then set the home on fire to cover up the crime.

"It hurts, it really hurts, I didn't eat or sleep for two days," said Randall.

Randall says he and his father who passed away recently built the home togehter, it took them years, but it took only minutes to destroy it.

"This was my dream home, my father and I put our blood, sweat and tears into this home and now it's all gone," said Randall.

His son and daughter also lived at the home and he says at least they are ok, but says he knows he has a long road ahead of him.

"I have to move on, pick up my feet and start over, I have too," Randall said.

The Paytons did not have insurance and are staying with nieghbors and hope to rebuild on the property as soon as they can.

The investigation is still ongoing. Police say seven Lincoln County fire stations responded to the fire Monday night. There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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