Lincoln Teen Survives Violent Crash

It was about 7:30 Thursday morning and Casey Cox was on his way to Lincoln County High School.

“And the truck driver said....I never saw him,” said Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Dannie Gilliam.

Police say the teenager was stopped in the road and preparing to turn onto Cedar Ridge Rd. when a tractor trailer slammed into the back of the small red car. That impact sent the car spinning into the path of another truck.

“The driver of the semi truck is shaken up pretty bad, He's been driving 37 years without an accident. He doesn't know what happened,” said Gilliam.

Casey Cox's injuries were serious enough to airlift him to UK hospital. But he was still conscious when police arrived.

“He said everything went black. Didn't remember anything.”

Casey Cox was released from the hospital late Thursday afternoon. His father tells 27NEWSFIRST the family is thankful to the first responders who helped save Casey's life.

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