Houser Appears In Court

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Shannon Houser, the man arrested in connection with the hit and run death of a UK freshman, made his first court appearance this afternoon. His attorney entered a not guilty plea for the charges.

He's been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with physical evidence.

Houser was booked into the Fayette County Detention Center Thursday afternoon, but was released Friday morning. Houser's mother paid his $3,100 bond.

Houser's mother told 27 NEWSFIRST that her son is innocent, something Houser himself told police.

According to court documents Houser says he was at his Lexington home at the time of hit and run. However police were able to trace several phone calls and determined he was just a couple blocks away from the crime scene.

UK student Connie Blount was hit by a truck while crossing South Broadway at West Maxwell back on Sunday April 13th. She was taken to UK hospital where she later died.

An Anderson County constable says he assisted Lexington Police in identifying Houser. He received a tip from an informant who claimed Houser said he was in serious trouble after something he did in Lexington.

"Houser told my informant, that what he did was serious enough, that if he got arrested for it he would be sent to prison for life," Anderson County Constable Chuck Imel said.

Imel said Houser never elaborated on the crime he committed to the informant, but said it would be on the evening news that night.

"At that point, the bells started to ring and I knew this was not just a minor thing, said Imel. I immediately called Lexington Police and let them know what I knew."

Imel says his information led police to Houser's Lexington home, where they found Houser taking apart his truck. Police impounded the truck Sunday night and determined through evidence it was the truck that hit Connie Blount.

"It was a bit of luck and I'm just glad I could help," said Imel.

Connie's father, Jack Blount, told 27 NEWSFIRST he is holding onto the hope Houser was the driver of the truck and he believes police will eventually get the proof they need to put him behind bars for murder.

"I'm confident police will find what the need and justice will be done, in my heart I believe Houser killed my daughter, said Jack Blount. She was not just my daughter she was my best friend and she meant the world to me and my family, we will miss her deeply."

Shannon Houser has a lengthy criminal record dating back 15 years when Lexington Police arrested him for D.U.I. and manslaughter.

The deadly crash happened in 1993 on Russell Cave Road. Houser's friend, Thomas Kiszka died when their car hit a brick wall and burst into flames.

Houser plead guilty to reckless homicide and was sentenced to probation.

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