Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice To Resign

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph Lambert said Thursday that he is resigning effective June 27.
Lambert said in a written statement that he believes it's a mistake "to remain for too long" in a high-level government position.
Lambert, 59, was elected to the Supreme Court in 1986. He has
served as chief justice for the past 10 years.
"When I became chief justice, it was with the full intention of serving only two four-year terms," Lambert said. "However, due to a massive number of judicial elections in 2006 and due to significant changes in the makeup of the Supreme Court at that time, I felt a duty to stay through the period of transition."
Lambert said he intends to join the state's senior judge program, in which retired judges are assigned to preside over specific cases as needed.
"Serving on the Supreme Court and as chief justice has been the
greatest privilege of my life," Lambert said.
The Supreme Court is made up of seven justices, elected from
seven areas of the state to eight-year terms. Those justices choose
which among them will service as chief justice to oversee the state's judicial system.
During his time on the Supreme Court, Lambert has written more
than 400 published opinions and scores of dissenting and concurring

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