Lexington Teen Dies After Fight With Schoolmate

A Lexington teenager's life has been cut tragically short. 15 year old Bobby Covert suffered a brain injury March 2 during a fight with another student at McCallie School, an elite all boys academy in Chatanooga, Tennessee.

After weeks in and out of a coma, the boy died late Tuesday niight. Before winning a scholarship to McCallie, Bobby Covert was a shining star at Lexington Traditional Magnet School, a straight A student who just seemed to excel at anything he set his mind to.

His former principal, Clay Goode, told 27 NEWSFIRST, "Bobby was a model student, very successful academically during his three years at LTMS. He was a star on the track team and also the math team. The kids here look back on the good times they had with him. They look at the example he set."

The halls of the school now are lined with posters featuring personal messages to Bobby. He clearly touched all those he came in contact with in life, and his family truly believes he will touch many more in death.

His mother, Carmen, says, "Something absolutely phenomenal is gonna come out of this. If our son's life can remind us about resolving issues without resorting to physical violence, we can be joyous. That's the message. We have absolutely no bitterness."

The pastors at Crossroads Christian Church encourage their flock to volunteer for projects that help others, but Bobby Covert never needed much encouragement.

His youth pastor at Crossroads, Tim Stephan, says, "Bobby was constantly a man of action, and my favorite thing about him is he wore this shirt that said ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, and that's just the way he lived his life whether he has helping his mother feed the needy in downtown Lexington or serving the victims of Hurrican Katrina in Louisiana."

Bobby's mother has nothing but good things to say about McCallie School in Chattonooga despite the tragedy that transpired there, and has no plans to push for punishment of the boy who knocked her son to the floor in a disagreement over wiffle ball. Carmen Covert says, "I'm no judge. This is God's world, and he is a just God."

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