Man Pleads Guilty In Constable's Death

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Johnny Ray Puckett pleaded guilty Friday morning to first degree manslaughter. The 24-year old told a Carter County judge he caused the death of constable Elmer Kiser back in 2006 after Kiser pulled him over for a traffic violation. After Puckett's court appearance new information on what lead to Kiser's death was released.
Commonwealth's Attorney David Flatt told 27 NEWSFIRST Puckett hit 64-year old Emer Kaiser in the head with his car door, knocked him to the ground, and left him for dead. Kaiser died several days later of complications with his health that were worsened due to the injury.
The fact that Puckett's assault on Kaiser was not the direct cause of death allowed him to score a plea deal. He could be sentenced to a maximum of fifteen years in prison and would be eligible for parole in nine.
Flatt says he's pleased with the deal saying "but that's the best that could be done given the evidence".

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