Snakes Stolen From Danville Store

Students from Lincoln County High School were on a field trip Thursday to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall at Centre College in Danville. Strolling through the Danville Manor shopping center was part of the trip.

And the owner of Tanked Pet Store said dozens of students made a stop there.

“With 2 employees versus 25 people. It's kind of hard to watch everybody,” said Mark Stoutenburg.

Stoutenburg said an employee told him the two Brazilian Boa Constrictors were in their cage before the students arrived, but were missing 10 minutes after they left. Now Danville police and a school resource officer in Lincoln County are investigating the snakes
possible whereabouts.

“Real upsetting because you don't know what kids are going to do to animals,” said Stoutenburg.

Lincoln County School officials confirmed students did visit the shopping center and specifically, went to the pet store, but they have no evidence the students brought the snakes back to school.

Whether the snakes made it back to Stanford, or are slithering loose somewhere in Danville, Stoutenburg says they're not poisonous or dangerous.

“They are not enormous. They aren't going to eat you or anything. You probably won't even get bit by them.”

Store staff say their main concern is the well being of the snakes.

“These species are a very delicate species. Right temperature is required, right humidity. They could die in 3 to 5 days.”

The snakes cost about $800 together and are about 30 to 36 inches long.

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