Woman Wants Tougher Penalties For Hit-And-Run Crashes

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A man who plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident will only spend six months in jail. Now some are afraid another hit and run suspect will get away.
Kareem Covington plead guilty Thursday to wanton endangerment charges for leaving the scene of an accident.
He reportedly ran over Marcus Miles with his car on Georgetown street last year.
Miles died instantly--Covington fled the scene in the same way.
But thanks to a plea bargain--and a downgrade of his charges--he'll only spend 6 months in jail. That upsets Diana Covington, Miles' fiance, "it wasn't long enough because he murdered my fiance". Thompson says that if Covington can kill and be free 6 months later, so might Connie Blount's killer.
The UK student was run over and left to die a few weeks ago.
Police have charged Shannon Houser in connection to the hit and run crash... but not with Blount's death. Already he's out on bond.
"They need to be put in jail, rather than just getting away with it", says Thompson. She adds that she hopes Blount's case doesn't end like Miles' and says her heart goes out to the blount family.

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