Schools Submit Tuition Proposals To Higher Education Panel

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - As Kentucky universities' deadline for submitting proposed tuition spikes came Friday, a small group of students gathered outside the headquarters of the state's council over higher education.

Their turnout, while small perhaps because of finals week, did not reflect the actual outrage students are experiencing over the prospect of a nearly 10 percent increase in their tuition next school year, one student said.

"Quite the contrary," said Drew Tucker, a student at the University of Louisville. "It shows that students just can't afford to be out here."

Kentucky's public universities had until Friday to give the state's Council for Postsecondary Education their proposed tuition rates for the fall semester. It's up to the council to decide on the tuition proposals on May 9, following public hearings next week.

So far, universities across Kentucky have proposed tuition increases from 6 up to 9.68 percent.

State government is currently facing a $900 million projected revenue shortfall over the next two years. The General Assembly earlier this month approved a two-year $19 billion state spending plan that included 3 percent funding cuts for public universities.

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