Dorm Fire Forces Students to Evacuate

Any time there is a fire in a high rise dorm, it's a scary situation for all concerned.

Freshman Sally Mann told 27 NEWSFIRST, "I was sleeping, and all of a sudden all the alarms were going off and everyone was running outside. You could smell smoke in all the stairwells."

But now the goodnews. Richmond Fire Marshall Mark McFerron says, "It was a small fire controlled easily by the sprinkler system. There is some water damage to some of the floors beneath, but no one was injured. Everybody got out safely."

Students residents in the Commonwealth dorm who went home for the weekend though are not going to like what they find when they return.

Fire Marshall McFerron says, "They're in for a terrible surprise. Unfortunately, there's quite a bit of electronics that you keep around being a student, computers and stuff, and they are in for a surprise."

Especially those who didn't sign up for insurance.

Sally Mann cautions, "If you sign the papers, you get it. I know when McGregor Hall flooded, a lot of people forgot to sign the papers so all of their damaged books and everything, nothing got paid for."

EKU officials have not confirmed that, but some families homeowner's insurance will pay for thing damaged at school.

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