Family Of '93 Crash Victim Upset At Shannon Houser

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The man arrested in connection to the hit and run that killed Connie Blount has an extensive criminal history. Last week we told you about an accident in 1993, where Shannon Houser was arrested for D-U-I and manslaughter after his friend was killed in a car wreck. The car Houser and his friend Tommy Kiszka were in smashed into a brick wall and burst into flames on Russel Cave Road in Lexington. Houser pleaded guilty to reckless homicide, and was sentenced to probation.

Tommy Kiszka's mother and father wrote a letter to Judge Mary Noble in 1993 asking Shannon Houser be given a break, saying they didn't want him sent to prison for the death of their son Tommy. Talking on the phone from Michigan, Linda said "We didn't want Shannon to go to jail for a long time when we didn't know if he fell asleep or if an animal ran out in front of him, we didn't know."

She said she didn't know Houser well, and he and her son became friends their last year of high school. When asked if her feelings on Houser have changed after these newest charges against him, she said, "At the time it made sense but knowing now I think it would have been better off to stay where he was for a prison."

Kiszka says she hasn't seen or heard anything from Shannon Houser since 1994, the year after her son was killed. She said Houser was back in Michigan to bury his brother and he stopped by their house. When she found out Houser was charged in connection with the hit and run that killed Connie Blount, she questioned whether that letter they wrote 15 years ago, did more harm than good. "Everything is forgivable once. God is forgiving, but if you keep doing it and making mistakes it's not a good thing."

Kiszka says she can't understand why Houser, who was given a second chance all those years ago, could lead a life like this. "You had a chance to make your life better after the accident. Why didn't you take advantage of it. You did wrong once why would you continue?"

Houser is charged with tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an accident, for the hit-and-run crash that killed Connie Blount.

He's also faced several other charges in the past, including assault, violating probation, and drug trafficking.

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