Gas Station Robber Avoids Razors To Get On Roof

For at least three nights in a row the Shell station at Stanton Way has been the scene of the same crime. This past Thursday through Saturday someone has ripped off fuel in an unusual way.

According to a Shell employee a man armed with tin foil is climbing onto the roof of the building, finding the satellite used for credit card transactions and then covering it with tin foil, cutting off communication with credit card companies. According to the employee the man then climbs down and pumps gasoline with a bad credit card.

The Shell employee says workers at the gas station decided Friday night to send a message to the thief. He says the store put razor blades along the roof of the building.

Next door to the Shell station employees at the Waffle House are also aware of this man. They say he came in to the restaurant, asked for an application, then returned later with blood on his hands. Workers helped to clean the man off, having been told he cut his hands on his car hood but when they spoke with workers next door they knew about the razors along the roof. By the time they called police the man had already left.

The man police are currently looking for is wanted for theft by deception as well as criminal trespassing.

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