Police: 'Grinch' stole Christmas gifts during car break-ins

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a Grinch tried to steal Christmas from some people in the Middlesboro area.

Middlesboro Police say 27-year-old Brandon Foster broke into cars in parking lots and stole Christmas gifts, along with other items.

Police say a retired officer caught Foster red-handed, outside the Middlesboro Walmart. Police then arrested him.

One victim said Foster smashed her car's windshield, and took a bicycle that was supposed to be her 5-year-old son's Christmas gift.

"I was furious, hysterical, and it just made me mad, because I went to Black Friday for that bicycle," Natasha Marcum said. "I went through lines and was there for hours."

Police say they found some of the stolen items in Foster's car, including that bicycle.

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