Governor Beshear Signs Romeo's Law

Those found guilty of abusing animals in Kentucky will now face some tougher penalties.

Governor Beshear signed Romeo's Law into law during a ceremony in Frankfort Monday afternoon.

The bill is named after a Pulaski County dog, whose abuse was caught on tape.

Romeo was on hand for today's signing.

Under the law, dog or cat torture will now be considered a felony, instead of a misdemeanor.

Supporters of the law say the public helped get it passed quickly.

"It's been overwhelming, the support we have seen across the state," Courtney Girdler from the Pulaski County Humane Society said. "And it's just wonderful that people have come out and let their voice be heard for those who can't speak for themselves."

Anyone convicted under Romeo's Law could face up to 5 years in prison.

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