Man Shot To Death On Front Porch In Lexington

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An investigation is underway after a man was shot to death through the front door of a Lexington home early Tuesday morning.

The homeowner tells police someone was kicking his front door in around 6:00 a.m. on Chelsea Woods Ct. off Todds Rd.

Police say the homeowner shot 36-year-old Andreas Lobsiger to death.

Lobsiger's friends say they are shocked by the death. They say it was all just a big misunderstanding and their friend would never try to rob anyone.

"We couldn't believe it, when police came to our door this morning and told us the news, it broke my heart," said Brenda Bailey.

Bailey says Lobsiger and her son were out late celebrating the grand opening of their new tattoo parlor. She says the father of two fell asleep in his truck and likely woke up and went to the wrong door to try and wake his friends up, but that mistake cost him his life.

"I have a neighbor that comes to my door all the time, so if he started pounding on my door, does that give me the right to shoot him? That's just crazy, absolutely crazy," Bailey said.

The homeowner told police felt threatened when Lobsiger began kicking the door.

No one has been charged, but Lexington Police say they have consulted with the Commonwealth's Attorney on whether the shooting was justified and if it falls under the self-defense law.

The investigation continues.

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