High School Principal Injured While Breaking Up A Fight

A fight at an eastern Kentucky high school leaves two students in jail and a principal recovering.

It happened Tuesday at Buckhorn High School in Perry County.

Police say the fight sent the principal to the hospital and left the two boys involved, behind bars.

State police are now investigating the fight that broke out between two students after the principal was injured while trying to break it up.

The two students are in a juvenile detention center; one on charges of paying another student to start the fight.

Principal Harvey Colwell says Buckhorn High School in Perry County is a small and peaceful school with just more than 200 students.

Around 11am Tuesday morning the staff put the school on lockdown after a fight broke-out. One that left Colwell injured.

“There was nothing intentionally done to me, I was not assaulted in any way it just happened that I got caught in the shuffle,” Colwell said.

State Police arrived at the school after Colwell went to the hospital.

Their investigation revealed there was more than just 2 students involved in the fight.

“Preliminary investigation indicated that a juvenile that attended school there paid another juvenile at the school to assault an 18 year old which was also a student at that school,” Trooper Tony Watts said.

State police charged one juvenile with assault in the 3rd degree and the other juvenile with solicitation to commit assault.

Officials say the 18 year old student was not hurt in the fight.

“School violence is something that hits home to everyone because our kids are our future and we all want to protect our kids,” Trooper Watts said.

The two juveniles are being held in the juvenile detention center in Breathitt County.

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