Pulaski Dog Mauling Victim Shares Story of Recovery

It's difficult these days for Dorothy Chevalier to get around. She walks with a limp, the result of dog bites that took flesh away from both her legs .and her arms.

“The garments may push it down some, ut it will always be this way. It will never be no more,” says the Pulaski County woman of the wounds that will probably never completely heal.

Chevalier was walking to her mailbox last October when two dogs attacked her, for reasons she doesn't know.

“I hollered for somebody to help me. No one heard me.”

Her husband finally came and fought off the dogs. She remembers being loaded into a helicopter but little else.

“I mean I don't know how many days I was laying there until I woke up," Chevalier says of her time in the hospital.

She spent a month at UK hospital and more time at Cardinal Hill. While she was recovering, police charged the dogs' owners, Tim Sears and Tammy Chambers, with harboring a vicious animal. She's since decided to forgive them.

“I don't want them to hurt. Because I don't want anyone to hurt like I hurt.”

Tim Sears and Tammy Chambers will be in court again on May 8th. The county attorney says the hearing will deal with restitution.

Chevalier says her medical bills cost more than $100,000. Insurance covered most of that, but no amount of money will ever fix her scars or the memories of a day she wishes would stay locked away in her mind forever.

“A whole lot of it is coming back to me. I don't like it to come back. Because it really bothers me when I'm trying to rest or something,” she said.

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